Stacks of cannabis in an illegal grow house in Australia

Queensland seizes $180k in cannabis in Kelvin Grove


Queensland police have seized at least $180,000 in dried cannabis from a short term rental property in inner-Brisbane.

Police uncovered the cannabis at a home in Kelvin Grove on April 25th. The home was being temporarily occupied by a 25-year-old man. According to police, the man asked to extend his stay but was denied, leaving the property owners to search the home. 

Police allege that they seized quite a haul from the house. This haul included stacks of cash totalling roughly $65,000, a cryovac machine, a money counter, a phone and roughly 10 kilograms of dried cannabis. The cannabis was stored in vacuum-sealed bags. 

According to local cannabis prices, the 10 kilograms of cannabis is worth at least $180,000 in Brisbane. 

Following the police search, the 25-year-old was located, identified and arrested. On Facebook and in their media release, Queensland police wrote that they have provided the man with “short-term accommodation”. 

Following investigations, police provided the man with new short-term accommodation in the Brisbane City Watchhouse.

He was charged with the possession of tainted property, the possession of dangerous drugs, and the possession of items used in the commission of a crime under the Drugs Misuse Act. 

The 25-year-old faced Brisbane Magistrates Court on Tuesday, April 27th, where he was denied bail. 

He will likely face court again later this year and the 10 kilograms of cannabis will be destroyed. 

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