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Aussie Weed Prices


Cannabis prices fluctuate based on the typical factors which most consumer goods do – quality, supply, and demand. However, with recreational weed (currently) illegal in Australia, prices must also factor in a degree of risk. So how much does weed cost in Australia?

Here’s a list of the latest weed prices in Australia:


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Weed Price FAQs

Questions? Have a read of the most asked questions about how much weed costs in Australia:

Why do the prices differ from city to city?

Unlike typical consumer goods, which are priced relatively similar throughout the major capital cities in Australia, the story’s a little bit different for weed. But why?

One world – illicit.

Weed is still illegal to grow and sell for recreational purposes, except in the ACT who’ve now legalised growing it but it’s still illegal to sell.

Stay informed with the latest cannabis news in Australia.

Every extra kilometre weed must travel to reach its consumer, increases the risk of seizure (which still occurs a lot in Australia) or something going wrong during transit. And more risk, equals a higher price to pay.

As such, the most isolated cities such as Perth, Darwin, and Hobart, have the highest prices of weed in the country.

Is there a price difference between black market and medicinal grade marijuana?

Yes – black market weed is still significantly cheaper the going through the official routes.

Australia’s healthcare and drug administration systems are some of the most stringent in the world. It’s filled with rules, regulations, taxes, tariffs, red-tape, and a whole lot of auditing and due diligence.

Cannabis being grown in medical facilities
Cannabis being grown in medical facilities

All those factors push the price of medical marijuana far above the current rates for black market weed.

Keep in mind, however, all those factors also ensure the marijuana you’re going to be consuming in some of the highest quality, and safest in the world.

Want to know who’s currently serving the Australian demand for medicinal marijuana? You can some of the most prominent ones on this list of all the cannabis companies listed on the ASX.

How to Australian prices compare to other countries?

As Australia benefits in many ways when it comes to being an island, there are some negatives as well.

For consumer products, that generally means paying a higher price for the same items in other countries, simply because it’s harder to bring the product to our shores.

There’s only two ways to get weed into Australia – boat or plane. Both extremely risky and expensive, further increasing the price end-consumers must pay for the product.

Of course, that’s not stopping many individuals and organisations from cultivating their own weed right here in Australia. And many do it successfully, but there are also many who become subject to police raids, have their crop seized, and ultimately destroyed.

For comparison, a gram of weed in Ontario, Canada, will cost you around $5-$10. Down south in Colorado, the first state in the US to legalise recreational cannabis, a gram of quality cannabis will set you back around $5.

What will happen to weed prices when recreational cannabis is legalised in Australia?

Surprisingly, it’s not what you may think. Just because recreational weed may now be legal in Australia (like it already is in the ACT), doesn’t automatically mean it’s going to be cheaper than continuing to buy from the black market.

For starters – there’s far more extra costs producers and retailers bear than your local street dealer.

Safety, regulations, taxes, employee, payroll tax, land tax, rent, production costs – these will all be factored into the price of weed when Australia finally legalises it.

In saying that, there is good news – prices will come down, eventually. We don’t have to guess, because Australia’s economics are quite like the US, and some of their states have legalised weed more than 6 years ago – such as Colorado. So how have their prices reacted to legalisation?

Colorado first legalised weed in January 2014. Here’s a graph showing the effect on prices.

Gram of weed price in Colorado after legalisation
Gram of weed price in Colorado after legalisation

As you can see, prices increased for the first 6 months, then declined on a steady pace for the years to come. The same is seen in Washington, who legalised in July 2014.

Gram of weed price in Washington after legalisation
Gram of weed price in Washington after legalisation

Special thanks to Grizzle and BDS Analytics for providing the graph and data.

Safe to say that we’ll likely see a similar thing happen to Australia weed prices after it’s legalised for recreational purposes here as well.

Remember – although prices of weed may come down after legalisation, doesn’t mean it’s going to become socially acceptable to drive on cannabis. The penalties are heavy, and you are a danger to yourself and others whilst driving on cannabis.

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  1. bought a few sticks last week, dealer was shit from around the San Fransisco bay area and charged me 30 for a gram, would not suggest buying mary jo mama from this 5 foot 4 black arabian male that goes by the name of ‘yung nigga’

  2. Hi I am applying for medical legal cannabis but I am concerned with the costs, It will cost me AU$220 to see doctor and apply for TGA approval and then the cost of supply for pharmacy.

    I cannot find or confirm the prices they will charge from the pharmacy and do not want to waste $220 to find I cannot afford to buy it legally as I am on the disability pension.

    As I have digestive problems I would need to vape dry herb, do you know what the over the counter herb from the pharmacy sells for per gram or 14 to 28 grams lots?


    • You’re looking at approx $380 to $700 a month, which could be flower, oil, pills or a mix of all 3. 10 grams of prescribed flower will set you back around $400.

  3. When do we think cannabis will be legally available for recreational consumption in Victoria? I’ve never tried it, but really want to. I‘m mid 40’s and wouldn’t even know where to look for it…

    • Hi Richard – It’s very hard to tell exactly when Victoria will legalise. Our best guess puts it somewhere in the next 2 – 3 years.

  4. Well I will be sampling my first prescription of medicinal cannabis next Tuesday ,I have smoked pot nearly everyday for the last 20 years as I was run down on my Harley by a drunken police officer doing a second job Driveing a truck. messed me up fairly bad. lost the use of my shoulder hand and arm instantly ,and all I have felt is the constant pain of it being ripped off every day and night since that terrible day. so I’m hopping the stone will be a lot stronger and help with the terrible pain I live (sorta) every day. will let you know anonymised fucked up person

  5. Weeds are unwanted, pulled out, cut out, poisoned, buried.
    The cannabis that people consume is sought, selected, cultivated, improved, medicinal Herb.

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