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Australia’s first medical cannabis marketplace proves budding success


Two months after launching the ‘Amazon of Cannabis’, medical cannabis company Burleigh Heads Cannabis are celebrating the success of their online marijuana marketplace.

Back in June, Burleigh Heads Cannabis launched ‘CanView’ – an online marketplace that allowed pharmacists and doctors to streamline the process of ordering medical cannabis. Now, the company is celebrating the success of the platform and boasting the highest sales milestone in the company’s history

Since it’s legalisation in 2016, cannabis has been a pain point for pharmacists. Unlike regular medications, each medical cannabis prescription must be ordered individually – as pharmacists are required to provide patient documentation. This left pharmacists calling multiple suppliers per week, adding hours of labour to an already heavy workload. 

Now, CanView allows pharmacies to order cannabis online, shipping prescriptions straight to patients. Over 4,000 prescriptions were shipped in July alone. 

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Annually, the platform is expected to save pharmacies thousands in shipping fees, reducing patient costs on an already expensive medication. Since June, over 400 pharmacies have signed up for the platform. 

CanView is also providing doctors with a forum for accessing detailed information on Australia’s cannabis medications, regulations and legislation. Although the Therapeutic Goods Administration has approved over 100 approved cannabis drugs, prescription medications cannot be advertised. While this is designed to protect patients, it’s left Australia’s medical cannabis industry shrouded in mystery and stigma. 

Burleigh Heads Cannabis expects to add more features to the marketplace later this year, with the companies development manager Ryan Tattle telling the media:

Pharmacists are loving the fact that the platform solves every one of the pain points of ordering. The platform has exceeded our expectations.

According to a statement from MediPharm, international cannabis companies are also using the CanView marketplace to purchase pharmaceutical-quality CBD oil. As our medical cannabis industry is expecting to serve over 70,000 new patients in 2020, Australia is now the world’s fastest-growing cannabis market. You can read that story here.

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Stay informed with the latest cannabis news in Australia.

Stay informed with the latest cannabis news in Australia.

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