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British man caught with $60 of cannabis in Bali gets 5-year prison sentence


A British man and former Australian Myer model has been handed a five-year prison sentence after being caught with roughly $60 of cannabis in Bali. 

Jed Texas, 30, has modelled for brands like Burberry and Prada, as well as appearing on runways alongside Kate Moss in New York, Milan, and Paris. Texas became stranded in Bali during the coronavirus pandemic where he quickly landed himself in hot water.

Bali police carried out a raid on Texas’s Canggu accommodation back in April after a tip from the public. Police found nine plastic bags with a total of 85.15 grams of cannabis in the villa. They arrested Texas on the spot, despite his attempt to flee into the bathroom to destroy the drugs. 

In the seven months since his arrest, the British model has been held in Kerobokan Prison – which also holds several surviving members of the Bali nine. 

The male model enjoying the sun
The male model enjoying the sun

Texas was charged with the possession of type one narcotics and faced a maximum of 20 years in prison. He was handed a fine of $109,000 AUD and a five-year prison sentence last week, with Judge Gege Putra Astawa telling the court Texas has damaged Bali’s tourist-friendly reputation

The model will serve the remaining 4-years-and-five-months of his sentence in Kerobokan (also known as ‘Hotel K’).

While Texas paid roughly $60 for the cannabis in Bali, it would be worth around $1,200 in Australia

In court, Texas admitted he knew possessing cannabis was illegal in Indonesia. His lawyer told the court he had obtained the drug to manage his anxiety after surviving two knife attacks. The first attack occurred when Texas was 16 and resulted in the murder of his friend, while the second took place in 2019. 

Texas also addressed the court and apologized for his actions. 

This case has left me with constant pain and shame. My family was affected too. I never thought at all about breaking the law when I vacationed in Bali. 

International media has railed Texas for telling the court that “Marijuana is legal in the UK”. While a YouGov survey estimates 48% of voters support the legalization of cannabis, possessing cannabis is definitely still illegal. 

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Stay informed with the latest cannabis news in Australia.

Stay informed with the latest cannabis news in Australia.

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