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Montu Group Launches Partnership with GP Network Jupiter Health


The Montu Group have launched a new educational program designed to help doctors appropriately prescribe medical cannabis, partnering with Western Australia GP network Jupiter Health. 

Privately held, the Montu Group is an international medical cannabis company. They currently distribute products in Europe and Asia-Pacific and launched onto the Australian market in 2019. Since 2011, Jupiter health has operated across 30 clinics. They now employ over 300 GP’s.

Montu Groups vision
Montu Group’s vision

According to a release earlier this week, the Montu Group are launching an educational program with doctors from Jupiter Health. The program will guide GP’s through the prescription process, helping them to evaluate if medical cannabis is suitable for patients. 

Once approved by the Therapeutics Goods Administration, Montu will then arrange for the appreciate medical cannabis product to be shipped to a pharmacy near the patient. This will remove the stigma and streamline the prescription process, according to Montu managing director Christopher Staunch.

Despite significant patient growth in Australia, Medical Cannabis is still seen as a niche treatment option and this partnership is a significant step to integrate cannabis into medical practice.

According a statement released by the company, over 35% of patients ask their GP’s about medical cannabis. Despite this, the company believes only 5% of Australian doctors currently prescribe medical cannabis. 

While medical cannabis is increasingly accepted as a treatment option, only 18% of patients believe their GP’s are a good source of information on medical cannabis. You can read that story here.

Stay informed with the latest cannabis news in Australia.


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Stay informed with the latest cannabis news in Australia.

Stay informed with the latest cannabis news in Australia.

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