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Cannaponics to build a 160-acre medical cannabis production facility in Western Australia


Medical cannabis company Cannaponics has unveiled the plans for their new 160-acre medical cannabis production facility in Western Australia. 

Cannaponics is building their new production facility in the town of Collie, roughly 200 kilometres south of Perth. The company recently revealed its plans for the facility. 

According to Cannaponics, the new facility is about to enter stage one production. During this stage, the company will build a 3,600 square metre greenhouse for medical cannabis cultivation. The company is also building a 2,000 square metre manufacturing facility compliant with Europe’s Good Manufacturing Practice (EU GMP) guidelines. 

Once stage one is completed, Cannaponics expects to produce 7,000 kilograms of dried cannabis flower annually. The global medical cannabis market is projected to reach $US84 billion by 2028. 

According to Cannaponics, the company chose Collie for its rich natural resources. The region has between 10 and 14 hours of sunlight a day and 1,200 ml of rainfall a year. 

Cannaponics will also be powering their medical cannabis facility with 100% renewable energy. Their subsidiary company, Cannaenergy, will generate energy through its 25,000-metre solar power and hydrogen-electric power facility. Cannaenergy will also supply energy to other companies located on the Collie site. The company has struck a pending agreement with ASX-listed company DC Two. 

The Cannaponics site will service its two other subsidiaries: Medicar Health (a medical practice) and Hemponics (a food and nutraceuticals company). Hemponics will produce an over-the-counter CBD oil for sale in Australian pharmacies under TGA’s new laws

According to Cannaponics, their new facility is part of their plan for social change and a “cleaner planet”. 

Our simple straight line philosophy is making people’s lives better by encouraging social equity for a cleaner planet and allowing profits to make and evoke a motion to change the future.

The Western Australian government granted Cannaponics facility $2 million for the Collie facility in March 2021. The company also secured cannabis cultivation, production, and research licenses back in February. Work on its Collie facility has already begun.


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