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Victorian government invites young people to speak at cannabis inquiry


If you’re a young person with something to say about cannabis reform or education, consider going to Victoria’s Cannabis Inquiry’s Youth Forum.

The Inquiry into the Use of Cannabis has been convening around Victoria over the past few months. The inquiry has heard from a wide range of doctors, researchers, experts, and anti-cannabis advocates – all of whom shared their piece on how Victoria can make cannabis use safer. 

Now, the inquiry is turning its attention to young people. At the end of June, the inquiry will hold a special workshop for Victorians aged 18 – 25. During the workshop, young people are invited to share their views on cannabis policy and drug education. In particular, the workshop is based on these key topics:

  • How can we improve education about cannabis and other drugs in Victoria?
  • How cannabis prohibition affects young people
  • How the Government can deliver better services when it comes to the impact of cannabis use
  • Should Victoria legalise or decriminalise cannabis?

The information you share in the session will help MP Fiona Patten and the Legislative Council Legal and Social Issues Committee develop cannabis reform recommendations for the state government. As cannabis was originally outlawed at a state level, any changes to cannabis laws (including legalisation and decriminalisation) are the state government’s jurisdiction.

In other words, if you want to see Victoria’s cannabis laws change, this session is the perfect time to speak up. 

The workshop will be held from 11 am to 1.30 pm on Monday, the 28th of June. It will be held in the Legislative Council Committee Room of Parliament House (Spring Street, East Melbourne). 

If you would like to attend the forum, you need to register by emailing ‘[email protected]’.

Registrations will close on Wednesday, June 23rd, and spots are limited. 

You can get more information from the Parliament of Victoria website here.



  1. What we are trying to do is reverse decades of false information & propaganda , a whole generation written off as unreachable & unteachable

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