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Melbourne pop star Jess Makaveli avoids jail for home cannabis crop


Aspiring pop star Jesica Bustamante (aka Jess Makaveli) has avoided a jail sentence after growing cannabis in her Maidstone home.

Bustamante was arrested after police raided her Eucalyptus Drive home on the 17th of December, 2020. Inside her residence, police located a small cannabis setup that included multiple plant pots and harvested cannabis drying under a ventilation system. Police also located an undisclosed quantity of loose cannabis, some gardening equipment, and hydroponic nutrients. 

As a result of the raid, Bustamante was taken to the police station, where she told officers that she decided to grow her own cannabis after seeing it on Netflix. According to the Herald Sun, she ordered White Rhino and Cookie Scout (Girl Scout Cookies) seeds online and tended to her crops for several months. 

Twenty-eight-year-old Bustamante faced Melbourne Magistrates Court on Tuesday the 6th of July. She pleaded guilty to cultivating cannabis. In court, Magistrate Jelena Popovic warned Bustamante to set a better example for her children. She has three children, all of whom live at the Maidstone residence she grew cannabis in. 

They aren’t stupid are they can see what goes on around the house. When you’re thinking about planning the future for yourself the important thing is what you’re planning for those three kids.

However, the Magistrate also spared Bustamante any jail time and opted to give her a 12-month good behaviour bond instead. 

If she was given a drug conviction, it could have put a dampener on her music career. Bustamante (as Jess Makaveli) is currently working on her debut album and recently released the single ‘Que Pasa’. She released her first single last March and has plans to tour Australia when COVID-19 restrictions ease. Bustamante is signed by record label Cosmic Bounce Records and runs an online flower business on the side.



  1. What a joke!
    No problem if she had a house full of alcohol….But that’s okay !!
    Kids can see that..including advertising!
    Idiotic, delusional western culture, brainwashed by uber corporation’s spin.. How can it be illegal to grow a plant..utter arrogance and ignorance of our natural world..
    Grow up Australian legal system!

  2. So now our police are raiding houses to confiscate gardening equipment? Surely we have better uses for the money it cost to do that. Oh, she’s growing a plant in the house that her kids also live in? What a dialobolical act. At worst they’ll experience plants growing. Not that different to those surprise gardens from woolies if I’m honest…

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