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Australian flag with cannabis
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How to convince your fellow Aussie that cannabis should be legalised

Cannabis is being recreationally legalised around the world at record pace, with the century long prohibition coming down quicker than Snoop Dogg can roll a joint. But Australia seems to be falling behind. So, here’s how you can help convince your fellow Aussie that it’s time Australia legalised recreational cannabis. Keep Reading

Australian cannabis news in 2020
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Cannabis in Australia – 2020 recap

2020 was a year to remember for many reasons. To celebrate the achievements of Australia’s fastest growing industry, here’s a recap of the biggest events to happen across the country in 2020.  Keep Reading

Cannabis in 2021
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Cannabis trends to watch in 2021

It’s a new year, meaning it’s time to make some wild weed predictions about the year ahead. If you are interested in Australia’s cannabis industry, here are four cannabis trends to watch in 2021.  Keep Reading

Indoor cannabis farm
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8 cannabis farming terms explained

The prohibition on cannabis destroyed the cannabis, hemp, and medical cannabis industries – losing centuries of cannabis farming knowledge. With the legalisation of medical cannabis and industrial hemp, Australia’s cannabis industry is rebuilding itself – including establishing standard definitions (i.e. nomenclature).  Keep Reading

Person holding a hemp leaf
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How hemp can improve these 5 household items

Unlike other manufacturing materials, hemp has a cellulose content of 80%, making it perfect for manufacturing a wide range of biodegradable products. Although Australia’s hemp industry is still in its budding stages, the industry will be worth over $3 million by 2023. Keep Reading

Australian cannabis christmas
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Pondering Pot’s 2020 Canna-Christmas Buying Guide

Cannabis has been a hot topic throughout 2020. And if you’re looking for a cannabis-themed gift this holiday season, no matter who you’re shopping for, there are some truly fantastic gifts ideas out there. Here are eight of the best cannabis Christmas gifts we’ve found. Keep Reading

Popular cannabis trading cards
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Cannabis trading cards – are they a thing?

If you thought trading cards were a hobby of the past, prepare for a shock. Today, Australians are still collecting trading cards en masse, with an entire community cropping up around the cards. Unsurprisingly, cannabis-themed trading cards are getting increasingly popular.  Keep Reading

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