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Lawyer advises cannabis smoking client to ‘move to the ACT’


The ACT is currently the only region in Australia where residents can legally grow and consume cannabis for personal use. Those caught consuming or growing cannabis anywhere else in Australia faces criminal convictions or fines.

Which is why one Queensland resident, who was caught growing two young cannabis plants in his backyard, was told by his lawyer maybe it’s time to call a new place home. More specifically, one that allows you to grow cannabis in your backyard.

Solicitor Michael Corbin’s comments came after Toowoomba Magistrate Graham Lee fined the man $850 for his illegal activities.

Police prosecutor Rohan Brewster-Webb told the court he had been growing the plants for around two weeks before being discovered. The court also heard that he had been before the same court in 2017 and 2019 for similar offences.

Due to the dyslexic and illiterate nature of the client, Corbin mentioned a probation order would be difficult to comply with.

Other residents of Toowoomba have faced similar charges recently, despite the town housing multi-million dollar medical cannabis farms.


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