CBD Wafers For Sale In Queesnland


Oils, vaping, joints, bongs, edibles – there are plenty of different ways to ingest CBD and THC. And now, we can add one more to the list – cannabis wafers. Dissolving under your tongue for a smoother ingesting experience.

For the lucky Queenslanders reading this, you’re the first people in the world who’ll be able to try the new product, called Xativa.

Xativa, created by iX Biopharma, is a tablet, much like a tiny wafer, which you place under your tongue. It dissolves into your system, possibly helping with pain, nausea, and certain motor diseases – according to researchers.

Janakan Krishnarajah, the COO of iX Biopharma, says the wafer was created for three reasons:

  • Lack of fixed dosages
  • Inconsistent absorption, and
  • Variable or poor bioavailability

The wafer itself actively disintegrates so there’s no need to swallow it which can be an advantage when looking at certain populations.

Sound good? Great! It’s already available for consumption, with doctor’s approval of course. Unfortunately, that last part may be quite hard to get.

Cannabis wafers for sale in QLD
Cannabis wafers for sale in QLD

Craig Thompson, a consultant with Cannatrek, mentioned there’s strict criteria doctors will need to adhere to before prescribing the wafers.

One is a chronic condition lasting longer than three months and the other is having failed on first line medication or experiencing side effects.

It’s also an unapproved product, meaning your doctor will need to make an application to the TGA on your behalf. If approved, you can then take your prescription to a pharmacy, where they will order the wafers for you.

Current estimates put a month’s supply of wafers (60 tablets) at $173 – not cheap. Maybe if it eventually gets added to the PBS we’ll see the price decline. Until then, it’s added on the list of high Australian weed prices.

Learn more about Xativa on their website here.

Stay informed with the latest cannabis news in Australia.

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Stay informed with the latest cannabis news in Australia.

Stay informed with the latest cannabis news in Australia.

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