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NSW police find 182 cannabis plants in Currans Hill home


New South Wales police have seized a large stash of cannabis plants from a house in Currans Hill, located Southwest of Sydney.

Camden police discovered the cannabis plants when they carried out a search warrant on the Spring Hill Circuit street at 4.30 pm on the 8th of July. During the raid, police located 182 live cannabis plants, $4,635 in cash, five grams of methamphetamine and seven kilograms of dried cannabis. 

Police also arrested two people in connection with the Currans Hill cannabis operation. This included a 38-year-old Bankstown man who fled on foot during the raid and a 30-year old Bargo local who police intercepted as he tried to back a car out of the driveway of the Currans Hill home. 

According to Camden Police Area Command Crime Manager Detective Chief Inspector Paul Albury, police then searched the car and seized more drugs and cash. 

When police searched the car they found three kilograms of cannabis and a small number of amphetamines and cash. 

Assuming that it was dry cannabis they seized from the car, the three kilograms of cannabis is worth roughly $45,000 alone or $150,000 when combined with the seven kilograms of dried cannabis police found inside the home. 

Police later charged the Bargo and Bankstown men with supplying a prohibited drug, stealing electricity and enhanced the cultivation of indoor cannabis (commercial supply). Both men have been denied bail. 

The Bargo man will face court on the 15th of September and the Bankstown man will face court on the 15th of July. The cannabis from the Currans Hill home has been destroyed.


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  1. Well done guys!
    Another GIJOE raid on the local nursery.
    Now the local cannabis stocks are comprised again.. Brilliant! Easier for the major crime syndicates to peddle Methamphetamine to the kids..
    Excellent police work.

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