Police officer taking information from man arrested for cannabis

Newspaper Shames Man Caught With Just 3.2g Grams of Cannabis

in New South Wales

In today’s edition of ‘apparently this is newsworthy’, the Central Western Daily has printed an article naming and shaming a man caught with two tiny joints. The man, whose name we won’t print, was stopped by NSW police earlier this week in Orange. When they searched his backpack, they found just 3.2 grams of cannabis.

According to our breakdown of cannabis prices in Australia, 3.2 grams of cannabis in Sydney is worth between $48 and $64.

Surely, this is a far cry from the major cannabis busts of the April, which uncovered over $31.5 Million in cannabis in NSW. Just yesterday, we reported on a bust for $8.6 Million worth of cannabis just 229km’s from Orange.

Although the man was charged for having the weed, the fact that this was considered newsworthy is truly bizarre, especially considering that Australia is still facing the Coronavirus pandemic.

Or as one commenter on Facebook posted about the article noted:

So glad you managed to keep this hardened criminal off the streets! We can sleep soundly tonight knowing someone out there won’t be getting the munchies this day. – Nara

Other commenters were quick to point out that while Police were celebrating the arrest, this case has already cost NSW more than the cannabis was worth.

Let’s check the price on that bust, lawyer fees, police wages, administration. Probably around 30K in wages for a $30 bust. – Leon.

Seriously what a waste of resources. How about the ice epidemic or heroin users… They are the serious issue not a tiny bit of dope. – Belinda-Jo

Total waste of time for all persons involved: “perpetrator”, brave police, court staff, judge… – David

However, other commenters were concerned for a different reason. Although there are very valid concerns around the recreational use of cannabis strains containing THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) naming and shaming a man charged with a minor crime is bizarre at best and cruel at worst. As another commenter put it:

Another life ruined. His record will forever read drug possession. It will take out 2/3rds of jobs and affect his ability to get Visa’s. – Colin

If this article hasn’t already annoyed you enough, join us for tomorrow’s version of ‘apparently this is newsworthy’, as we report on the cat that was caught with 3.2 grams of catnip.

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Stay informed with the latest cannabis news in Australia.

Stay informed with the latest cannabis news in Australia.

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