Cannabis Worth $9.6 Million To Be Incinerated


Despite April 2020 being the holy month and year combination for many smokers around the world, the NSW Police Force are claiming April 2020 as one of their highest months for cannabis seizures on record.

With this recent raid carried out on April 27th, the total value of cannabis taken off the streets now exceeds $30 million. In April alone. A great feat for the NSW Police, likely costing vast amounts of manpower and resources to accomplish.

A property in Ballimore, around 4.5 hours north-west of Sydney, housed the large-scale cannabis operation. More than 2,440 cannabis plants were seized, along with 350kg of dried cannabis. Bringing the estimated potential street value to more than $9.6 million.

Seven arrest were made, five men and two women. They were all refused bail after being charged with various drug offences. Including cultivating a prohibited plant, supplying a prohibited drug, and more.

Detectives have charged seven people and seized nearly $10 million worth of cannabis in the state’s Central West.


Posted by NSW Police Force on Monday, April 27, 2020


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