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Australian man convicted for growing 3 cannabis plants


An Australian man has been convicted and fined for growing just three cannabis plants after he was turned in by his own mother.

The New South Wales man is local to Lismore, located in the Northern Rivers region. He faced Casino Local Court last week after he was found cultivating three cannabis plants in his home. Police first became aware of the man’s cannabis crops after his own mother called the police to report him. He was then arrested, and charged with cultivating and possessing cannabis. 

According to court statements, the man was “cooperative” with the police and immediately admitted to growing the plants. His crop included a grand total of three cannabis plants: two large plants, and one smaller plant. Excluding the smaller plant, this cannabis crop would be legal in the ACT

In court last Thursday, Magistrate Kathy Crittenden warned the Lismore man that he needed to address his use of cannabis. 

Your mum was worried about you, that’s why she called the police…. It sounds like on the fact sheet you’ve got some issues you need to deal with. Whatever your attitude to cannabis, it is illegal.

The man pleaded guilty to both the cultivation and possession charges in court. Magistrate Crittenden convicted him on both charges and charged him $250 for cannabis cultivation. Under section 10A, he was given no penalty for cannabis possession.

He wasn’t so lucky in the trial-by-media, however. When reporting on the story, both the Daily Telegraph and the Northern Star chose to include the Lismore man’s full name – slapping him with a stigma that could brand him for life. All over just three plants

The Lismore man’s cannabis crops were destroyed, and hopefully, this won’t have lasting consequences for him.



  1. police and public prosecution cost would have gone into the 1000’s of dollars of our money to criminalize this man for growing 3 plants in his own home for his own use. that money is suppose to be used to fund oh things like public hospitals ect. what a disgraceful act from the NSW and federal governments , these people are not governing the country in the public interest only their self interest.

  2. Good grief! What a scourge to society. Three plants. It sounds as if the judge needs to put down their gin and tonic, sober up and rethink their response. Disgusting.

    • To be fair the judge issuing a $250 fine for 3 plants isn’t at all bad. The media’s response however, is.

      • Giving the defendant a dressing down publicly, then a fine and the charge going on his record. Is bad.

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