Pondering Pot’s $4,200 Cash Giveaway


It’s nearly Christmas, and we’re in a giving mood. So we want to give back to all our loyal readers, fans, and followers.

To win the $4,200 cash prize money, the first thing you need to do is write a comment below with the exact date you think the next Australian state will legalise recreational cannabis. The ACT has already done it, so we’re talking about WA, SA, NSW, VIC, TAS, QLD, and the NT (yes it’s a territory but we’re inclusive here). You don’t need to choose which state.

The second thing – sign up to our weekly Australian cannabis newsletter. Make sure you use the same email to sign up with as you do in the comment you make.

The comment with the closest date to the official date of recreational cannabis legalisation in any of the states above will be the winner, whether it’s before or after the date.

Now, it may take a while, so be patient. But the more we push for legalisation the faster a winner will be chosen. So get to it!


  • You can only enter once
  • You must be subscribed to the newsletter at the time of winning

Good luck!

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  1. Was in Amsterdam 27 years ago

    Thought it wont be too lng before it is similar here

    Still waiting

    Lost all hope of it ever changing

    Especially with freaks and wierdos like premier pieceofshit and sidekick miles here in QLD

    When they completely ignore a petition with 14,ooo signatures

    What a wonderful democracy we have

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Stay informed with the latest cannabis news in Australia.

Stay informed with the latest cannabis news in Australia.

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