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Neurotech favours unique cannabis strains over CBD


Australian and Maltanese Autism treatment company Neurotech believes a small group of unique cannabis strains may be more effective at treating neurological conditions than CBD. 

Neurotech International (ASC:NTI) has licensed the rights to 80 unique strains of cannabis. The strains were bred through hybrid cross pollination and were tested by ACS Laboratories in Melbourne. 

Testing concluded the strains contained rare cannabinoids only discovered by Italian scientists earlier this year. This included up to 12% of cannabinoid CBDA and phytocannbinoids CBDP and CBDB. While the properties of these are largely undiscovered, Neurotech believes they are more effective at treating neurological conditions that cannabis’ beloved  non-psychoactive compound CBD

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ACS Labs was able to analyse these strains using a time-of-flight mass spectrometry sensor, which examines plants in parts per billion quantities. ACS will continue testing the top 10 cannabis strains using human cell lines, which will eventually result in human tests. 

Neurotech are among a wide group of scientists who believe that the CBD in cannabis has a neuromodulatory effect. This allows CBD to be used to alter the body’s cognitive processes through neurotransmitters, which is why CBD can be used to treat various neurological disorders and chronic pain.

Neurotech’s Chairman Mark Davies explained that the company is taking a pharmaceutical approach to exploring the new cannabinoids. 

A lot of people are going for things based on CBD and THC, but we are the first to have mapped out the cannabinoids to see what they do.

Neurotech plans to conduct clinical trials on the younger generation to test the impact of these new cannabinoids before starting the complete  manufacturing process for the medicine. 

Long term, this sets Neurotech up to treat children with Autism and ADHD, giving them an alternative to side-effect riddled drugs like Ritalin. Their medications would be available through the Special Access Scheme

Neurotech’s trials are due to commence later this year. 

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Stay informed with the latest cannabis news in Australia.

Stay informed with the latest cannabis news in Australia.

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