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Inside the 2021 Medicinal Cannabis Symposium


Western Sydney University’s NICM Health Research Institute will hold a one-day symposium covering the latest in medical cannabis science and research.

The Medicinal Cannabis: Research, Regulation and Education symposium is scheduled for the 12th of August, 2021. It is open to researchers, academics, students, and anyone interested in medical cannabis research and science.

The event will host presentations from several people who have been key in cannabis reform. This includes:

  • Dr Richard Di Natale, the former federal leader of the Greens party
  • MP Fiona Patten, a champion of cannabis reform from Victoria 
  • Professor Iain McGregor from the Lambert Initiative of Cannabinoid Therapeutics
  • Adjunct Professor David Heilpern, the former Magistrate who stood down over Australia’s drug driving laws 
  • Dr Daniel Perkins, director of Victoria’s Office of Medicinal Cannabis
  • Professor Jennifer Martin, the Chair of Clinical Pharmacology and Head of Medicine from the Australian Centre for Cannabinoid Clinical and Research Excellence
  • Professor Tim Karl, from Western Sydney University
  • Professor Xu-Feng Huang, an NHMRC Research Leadership Fellow
  • Associate Professor Jonathon Arnold from the Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics
  • Associate Professor Genevieve Steiner, Research Director of NICM
  • Dr Caroline MacCallum, from the University of British Columbia 

(*Please note this is a shortened list of their achievements only!)

According to NICM, the event will cover medical cannabis regulation, research and education. 

This online symposium will showcase current Australian research and discuss regulatory developments and education regarding medicinal cannabis.

The symposium will run from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm. Registration for the event costs $59 for students and $99 for everyone else. It will be held virtually over Zoom, so it is accessible globally.

If you are interested in the event, you can find more information here.

Registrations will close on the 4th of August. 


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