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How hemp can improve these 5 household items


Unlike other manufacturing materials, hemp has a cellulose content of 80%, making it perfect for manufacturing a wide range of biodegradable products. Although Australia’s hemp industry is still in its budding stages, the industry will be worth over $3 million by 2023.

To celebrate the growth of Australia’s hemp industry, here are five household items made better with hemp. 

#1. Chairs 

While hemp fibre used to be a bit rough around the edges, new innovations in processing have made hemp a perfect material for chairs. Hemp is used for upholstery and as a treatment for wood, as it doesn’t degrade like other materials. As hemp requires very minimal processing, most hemp furniture is hypoallergenic. 

Hemp is also one of the best new trends in sustainable fashion, as it takes 66% less water to produce a hemp t-shirt than a cotton one. 

#2. Rope

Hemp rope has been traced back to 2,800 BC China, the hemp fibres called ‘bast’ were used to make hemp rope. Today, hemp rope is gaining popularity again, as it is durable and resistant to mould and UV light (meaning it ages slower).

Hemp rope sold on Amazon
Hemp rope sold on Amazon

Hemp is also a natural fibre that grows surprisingly quick, with crops reaching harvest within just four months. Hemp crops reach 15 feet, giving a high yield with each crop.

#3. Sunscreen

Hemp-based beauty is fairly hyped, but there is a method to this madness. Hemp, or more specifically CBD oil, can be used to enhance the strength of SPF sunscreen. CBD also cares for your skin if it burns, as this study from the Journal of Molecules found that CBD increases the rate at which skin cells heal.

Research from the Journal of Pharmacol Research also shows CBD is an effective antioxidant – increasing your skin’s elasticity. 

#4. Pots

What’s the point of an eco-friendly garden if you’re using plastic pots? 

Hemp pots are biodegradable, as they are made from hemp, glucose, wax or resin and 1 – 2% additives. Some hemp pots are even designed to degrade as your plant grows, doubling as a fertiliser. This makes hemp pots perfect for selling nursery plants, as it keeps plastic pots out of landfill. 

#5. Insulation

Hemp isn’t just good inside the home. Hempcrete – a material made from hemp hurds and lime binder  – makes great insulation. Hempcrete is perfect for Australian homes, as it is fire and pest resistant, breathable and prevents mould. 

Hempcrete also a strong insulator, reducing the cost of heating and cooling by 50 – 80% and winning it the love of Grand Design’s Kevin McCloud.

Reading this, you might be wondering why cannabis was outlawed in Australia to begin with. Find out the truth here


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