HIF health insurance now covers medical cannabis

HIF becomes first Australian insurer to cover medical cannabis


In a nation-wide first, one of Australia’s largest health insurance providers has added medical cannabis to their coverage.

It’s uncertain how long they’ve been covering it, but a recent document details the rebates available, and provides a range of helpful information surrounding medical cannabis.

A bold step forward for HIF, as there are no medical cannabis products on the PBS or the ARTG, and currently, no other providers covering any cannabis medications, from what we found.

The maximum rebate provided by HIF is $80 per script, with an additional $25 rebate if the prescription is one of the following:

  • LGP Classic 10:10
  • LGP Classic 20:5
  • LGP Classic 1:20
  • LGP Classic CBD50
  • LGP Classic 1:100

The extra benefit is “due to an agreement between HIF and the supplier, Little Green Pharma“.

Based in WA, Little Green Pharma cultivates and supplies a range of medical cannabis products to patients all around Australia.

The rebates are available through HIF’s Pharmacy Drugs benefit on five of their Extras covers.

As it’s not covered by the PBS, the cost of medical cannabis in Australia is still too high for many to afford. Which continues to drive self-medicators to the black market, in search of the plant which was just legalised in another four American states over the past week.

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  1. Not sure if you have run an article about it , but DVA ( Department of Veteran Affairs Australia) is supporting so veterans medically prescribed cannabis costs , be great if it was more well known

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Stay informed with the latest cannabis news in Australia.

Stay informed with the latest cannabis news in Australia.

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