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22+ ASX cannabis stocks to look at in 2021


On the back of pro-cannabis rulings around the world, including in Australia, cannabis stocks started to really take off. And with the local medicinal cannabis industry rapidly growing with possible recreational legalisation around the corner, let’s have a look into some of the well-known and under-the-radar ASX-listed cannabis stocks.

Updated February 2021. ASX data updated daily.

Here’s the largest list of cannabis companies listed on the ASX in 2021:

The 2021 Aussie Pot Stock List

Auscann Cannabis Stock Logo 

Auscann Group Holdings – AC8

Develops and produces a range of medicinal cannabis products.

AusCann is one of the few companies that continues to pave the way in the Australian cannabis landscape. They’ve been at the forefront of the industry from the get go, bringing together experts and operations from all channels of the cannabis supply chain.

Through their valuable licences, they already provide some of their proven cannabinoid medicines through their partners existing 24,000 strong patient base.

AusCann are also one of the few listed ASX stocks that are conducting clinical trials to strengthen the evidence for medicinal cannabis.

2021 Updates

Auscann’s share jumped more than 100% in a few days in late 2020 on the back of the announcement that the UN is rescheduling cannabis. As of early 2021, all those gains have been nearly wiped out leaving shareholders in dismay wondering where the company is going next.


AFT Pharmaceuticals Logo 

AFT Pharmaceuticals – AFT

Develop, licensing, and selling pharmaceutical products.

AFT Pharma develops innovative products by understanding the environment of various health care issues. Seeing great success in seizing opportunities that many others have missed out on.

They’re involvement in cannabis is through a memorandum of understanding with the New Zealand SETEK struck in late 2020. They plan to work together to develop a range of cannabis-based medicines.

2021 Updates

AFT Pharma has disappointed many shareholders in early 2021, seeing a sizable drop in share price in the first two months. It’s unclear if they’re recent involvement in the cannabis industry will materially benefit their company.


Althea Group Cannabis Stock Logo 

Althea Group – AGH

A licensed importer of medicinal cannabis.

Althea is currently one of the largest cannabis stocks in Australia. One of the reasons they’re the largest is because they’ve successful be granted licences to Cultivate, Manufacture, and Export cannabis products.

They’re a market leader in the industry, having already sold their first medicinal cannabis products to patients in May 2018. Althea plans to continue their growth through strategic partnerships – aiming to become the leading and most trusted medicinal cannabis brand in Australia.

2021 Updates

Althea continues to be one of the leading cannabis companies in Australia, striking partnerships and making deals with companies all over the world including the UK, Canada, and Germany. They recently reported a 175% growth in revenue for the first half of FY2021.


Australian Primary Hemp Logo 

Australian Primary Hemp – APH

Growing, processing, and selling hemp-based products.

Established in August 2016, Australian Primary Hemp (APH) now offers a complete end-to-end hemp service. Starting with sellecting the seeds to growing it, then processing it into various products to distribute and sell.

Based in Geelong, APH now sell a variety of hemp-based products around the country under the brand Mt. Elephant. Products include seed oil, hemp flour, hemp protein, and hem-based snack bars..

2021 Updates 

 They first listed in 2019, falling by more than 75% in the first few months of trading. All that turned around in 2020 and they bounced back from their ATL of 5 cents to now be trading between 40 and 50 cents. Growth was sparked by a number of positive announcements including their new agreement to sell products in 7-Eleven stores and a following agreement for Woolworths to sell the same line of products.


BOD Australia Cannabis Stock Logo 

BOD Australia – BDA

Producing cannabis oils and raw materials for various products.

BOD currently develops and sells a number of health care and wellbeing products in Australia and New Zealand. They work with a range of plant based extracts, including cannabis and hemp.

BOD plans to continue to build up a wholly integrated cannabis business, with agreements already in place with Swiss and Singaporean companies.

Eventually, the company wishes to utilise its already expansive distribution network in Australia (over 1,000 retail outlets) to supply its pharmaceutical grade cannabis extracts.

2021 Updates

BOD shareholders would have been extremely pleased with their performance in 2020, seeing a nearly 90% gain over the year on the back of multiple positive announcements and strong revenue growth. Like some other Australian cannabis companies, they’ve started to expand internationally into both the US and European markets.


Botanix Pharmaceuticals Cannabis Stock Logo 

Botanix Australia – BOT

Producing cannabis oils and raw materials for national and international products.

Botonix plan to improves the lives of thousands of patients suffering from mild to serious skin diseases including acne, dermatitis, and psoriasis, through the use of cannabidiol.

They’re currently conducting a number of clinical trials which are at varying stages of progression (you can see latest updates on their website).

Setting them apart one step further is their plan to deliver the medicines via a proprietary drug delivery system called Permatex.

2021 Updates

Botanix performed very strongly in 2020 – bouncing back from a low of 3 cents to finish the year at 12.4 cents. Positive news in 2021 has seen them be published for the recent studies in peer reviewed journals and receiving a $6.87 million R&D tax refund.


Cann Group Cannabis Stock Logo 

Cann Group – CAN

Plans to cultivate and manufacture a range of medicinal cannabis products.

Cann Group was the first company in Australia to receive a licence to cultivate medicinal cannabis. They plan to develop extracts which will be provided to researchers and clinicians to study the therapeutic effects of cannabis.

Cann Group currently operates two cannabis cultivation facilities in Melbourne, already having completing 25 harvests. They plan to continue their expansion, with eyes set on a $130 million cannabis facility in Mildura – expecting it to produce around 50,000 kg of cannabis each year.

2021 Updates

Listing in the middle of 2017, cannabis and Cann Group were all the buzz as they’re share price rose from $0.50 to $4.50 in half a year. The buzz dispersed quickly during a steady decline over the next 3 years leading to an all time low or $0.30 in late 2020. Like a few other cannabis stocks in Australia, it experienced an overnight 40% bump are the UN reclassified cannabis. Positive announcements followed including their first supply shipment to the UK. In early 2021 they were hit with a cyber security incident costing them $3.6 million – surprisingly leading it to jump 50% in a day.


Cronos Australia Logo 

Cronos Australia – CAU

Cronos supplies both local and international markets with medical cannabis.

Cronos Australia (CAU) is a 50/50 joint venture between Cronos Group Inc – a global cannibinoid company listed on the NASDAQ and the TSE – and NewSouthern Capital, a Melbourne private equity firm. CAU have the vision of becoming one of the leading health and wellness brands throughout the Asia/Pacific region.

They have cannabis licenses to import and export product in Australia, an plan to export their products globally. Mr Rodney Damon Cocks is the current CEO of the company.

2021 Updates

Cronos first listed on the ASX in last 2019, dropping 77% of its total market cap in 6 months. It remained steady throughout 2020 trading between 8 and 10 cents for around 8 months. That was until late 2020 when the UN re-classified cannabis causing it to jump 100% in just over week. It’s remained steady in 2021, having not made any major announcements.


Cann Global Cannabis Stock Logo 

Cann Global – CGB

Growing and cultivating hemp to produce cannabis products.

Cann Global has a 100% shareholding of Medical Cannabis Ltd and Medcan Australia. Medicinal Cannabis operates in both the hemp and medicinal cannabis industries and has been one of the key drivers in providing value for the group. MedCan Australia produces a range of products including dried cannabis flowers, full extract oils, and cannabis capsules.

MedCan were also one of the first medicinal marijuana stocks to receive a production licence from the Office of Drug Control. They’ve continued their hunt for licences, now holding a Cultivation and Production Licence, a Manufacturing Licence and a Import & Export Licence.

2021 Updates

Finishing 2020 with barely any capitals gains made, shareholders were likely wondering whether it’s time to pull out and find somewhere better to put there money. Those that did wouldn’t regretted their decision after they announced a strategic investment into Germany and receiving their first order in Europe.


CannPal Cannabis Stock Logo 

CannPal – CP1

Developing cannabis-based medicines for animals.

CannPal is currently researching and planning to develop a range of cannabinoid medicines for therapeutic use to treat pets in a safe and ethical way.

Although the company is based in Australia, the local market for therapeutic animal products is quite small. As such, CannPal is focusing more on the European and US markets.

Layton Mills (MD) states no other animal therapeutics company in these regions are conducting clinical trials of a similar nature using cannabinoids from the cannabis plant.

2021 Updates

Listing in late 2017, Cannpal has experienced quite the bumpy ride. Rising 50% in 2 months to hit $0.28 then dropping to an all time low of $0.07 in early 2020. Things have quickly turned around in 2021 as they’re now trading around $0.17. This was on the back of the announcement that Auscann would purchase 100% of the company.


Creso Pharma Cannabis Stock Logo 

Creso Pharma – CPH

Developing cannabis derived products to better the lives of animals and humans.

Creso Pharma is one of the few ASX cannabis stocks to already have its hands in established markets overseas. iIn February 2019, they were granted a License To Cultivate at a 24,000 sqft cannabis facility in the world’s largest cannabis legal market – Canada. They aim to produce 4,000 kgs of cannabis per year to start off.

They were also one of the first to import medicinal cannabis in Australia, and one of the first to launch hemp and CBD nutraceutical products in Switzerland.

Like a few other cannabis stocks, Creso seeks to become “the world’s most trusted supplier of cannabis and hemp derived products”.

2021 Updates

After listing in 2016 and reaching a high of $1.34 the following year, it was all downhill after that. Leading to an of just $0.02 in late 2020. A series of announcements regarding cannabis scheduling and rulings overseas saw it experience unbelievably rapid growth, jumping 1,400% in a matter of days. No material announcements have been made in 2021 yet, leading them to be trading around $0.20 for months./p>


Ecofibre Limited Logo 

Ecofibre Limited – EOF

Ecofibre Limited (EOF) has more than 20 years of experience in growing and breeding hemp and then transforming it into various products for consumers. They believe industrial hemp will be one of the world’s most prized commodities in the future.

They currently own a number of hemp brands including Ananda Hemp, Ananda Food, Hemp Black, and Ananda Professional. Food product include hemp protein, hemp flower, hemp seeds, and more.

2021 Updates

EOF listed in early 2019, jumping more than 200% over the next year to $3.80, following with them dropping down to an ATL of $1.25 in early 2020. Although bounding back slightly in 2020, they’re heading for a new ATL in early 2021 despite a recent CBD oil distribution deal being signed off on.


Elixinol Global Cannabis Stock Logo 

Elixinol Global – EXL

Manufactures and produces CBD hemp oil for medicinal use.

Elixinol Global has a number of subsidiaries it owns operating in various cannabis and hemp markets. Hemp Foods Austalia – one of Australia’s largest hemp food wholesalers and exporters. Elixinol Australia – was founded in 2014 to participate in the growing medicinal cannabis market. It’s still waiting for a cultivation and manufacturing licence.

There are big plans for Elixinol Australia should its licence be approved. The company plans to explore breeding, cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, formulation, clinical trials, education, and doctor outreach.

2021 Updates

Listing at the start of 2018, for $1.20 their were all the talk in Australia’s cannabis industry climbing to $4.95 in 1.5 years. The euphoria was short lived as over the next 1.5 years they dropped to an ATL of $0.14. With a number of pro-cannabis regulations being passed around in late 2020, their share price came back slightly but currently trades around $0.20.


Epsilon Healthcare EPN Logo 

Epsilon Healthcare – EPN

Farm-to-pharma integration covering all levels of the cannabis supply chain.

Epsilon Healthcare (formally THC Global) diversified global healthcare and pharmaceuticals company. They’ve already secured partners across four continents, priming them for their future international growth.

On top of their Australian plans to cultivate and produce cannabis, EPN also operates a global hydroponics business – manufacturing and distributing equipment, materials, and nutrients.

The company already has two grow sites at the ready in Queensland and New South Sales – expecting annual productions to be in the tens of thousands of kilograms. EPN also owns one of Australia’s leading cannabis clinics – Tetra Health.

2021 Updates

EPN has vastly disappointed thousands of shareholders over the past three years. Dropping from highs of $1.00 to current lows of $0.20 in early 2021. There’s no signs of improvements or major announcement from the company.


Incannex Health Cannabis Stock Logo 

Incannex Healthcare (formerly Impression Healthcare) – IHL

Agreement with AXIM Biotechnologies (US) to license and distribute cannabis products.

Incannex Healthcare (IHL) has taken a forward stance on the Australian cannabis markets, planning to import and sell various cannabis products.

The deal has been struck with AXIM Biotechnologies, a US-based company who produce and manufacture a range of cannabis products. It gives IHL exclusive rights to sell and distribute AXIM’s current, and future range of products in Australia and New Zealand.

However, IHL is yet to obtain licences from the Office of Drug Control for this operation.

2021 Updates

After not moving anywhere from 2014 to the middle of 2020, IHL has seen a significant rise in its share price in early 2021 thanks to its involvement in the cannabis industry. Most of the positive announcements revolve around results from a number of their clinical trials.


Little Green Pharma Logo 

Little Green Pharma – LGP

Manufacturing medical grade cannabis in 2016.

Based in Western Australia, Little Green Pharma (LGP) was the first company in Australia to grow locally-cultivated medical cannabis oils for patients. They’re initial focus was to supply the local Australian market, with plans down the future to supply the international market as well.

They develop and supply a range of cannabis-based medicines providing both THC and CBD-dominant variations for patients depending on the circumstances and condition.

2021 Updates

LGP are a relatively new addition to cannabis stocks on the ASX, having first listed early 2020. Shareholders have been delighted with their progress and they’re currently sitting around at 100% capital growth since their IPO. Strong growth in patient numbers and a recent agreement with the French government has shown they’re more than willing to compete with the best of the best.


Medlab Clinical Cannabis Stock Logo 

Medlab Clinical – MDC

Developing and trialling a number of cannabis medicines.

As an already established ASX listed company with a wide variety of medicines available to patients on their website, MedLab (MDC) has recently dived head first into their first CBD/THC medicines, called NanaBis and NanaBidial.

Based on a recent analysis of five case studies, MDC is actively pursuing regulatory pathways with the Therapeutic Goods Administration and already has a planned framework in place that should take Nanabis to an approved drug.

2021 Updates

Listing in 2015, MDC grew 400% in a couple of years to $1.10, then falling over the next two to reach ATLs of $0.14. As many other pot stocks on the ASX experience, MDC’s second half of 2020 showed strong growth. Early 2021 has also been good for them following the announcement of FDA grants for some of their developments.


MMJ Group Cannabis Stock Logo 

MMJ Group – MMJ

Global investments in early-stage cannabis businesses.

The MMJ Group (MMJ) is an Australia listed cannabis stock which primarily invests in other cannabis companies. These companies are located all over the world, with a few here in Australia as well, such as Cannabis Access Clinics.

Most of their portfolio lies in the medicinal cannabis industry. Invested companies include Harvest One, Cannabis Access, Weed Me, Bien, Embark Health, and many more.

2021 Updates

For the last three years, MMJ has netted shareholders negative returns, reaching ATLs of $0.065 in early 2020. This would change is the second half of the year on the back of positive cannabis news around the world. Growth seems to have steadied in 2021 but with the possibility of US federally decriminalising cannabis, they believe they’re in a position of strong growth.


MGC Pharmaceuticals Cannabis Stock Logo 

MGC Pharmaceuticals – MXC

Operates in a range of Phytocannabinoid-based medicines.

MGC Pharmaceuticals (MGC) currently manufactures a range of CBD & THC medicines for treating adverse conditions including epilepsy, inflammation, and cachexia. You can find their current pharmaceutical products here<.

In addition to their current products, MGC is also researching new ones, as well as establishing multiple cannabis cultivation facilities around the world to provide an effective and cost-friendly supply chain.

2021 Updates

After doing nothing for just about all of 2020, their decision to list on the London Stock Exchange saw them jump 300% in a couple of weeks. Their in a strong position for the rest of 2021 with recent positive results on one of their clinical trials.


Roto Gro International Cannabis Stock Logo 

RotoGro International – RGI

Manufacturer of a range of growing equipment for cannabis.

RotoGro International (RGI) develops and manufactures a range of growing equipment used for cannabis and other plants which increase yields and lowers operating costs. Their unique stackable growing system provides nine times the surface area (when stacked three high) for growing, compared to a traditional flat bed.

As well, RGI has recently wholly acquired the lawful Canadian cannabis company – Supra THC Services Inc. This purchase agreement includes a Dealer’s Licence issued by Health Canada. This licence allows the company to research, produce, sell, and distribute lawful cannabis products.

2021 Updates

RGI’s first half of 2020 saw them lose more than 50% of their market cap, with the share price dropping down ATLs of $0.04. December 2020 saw them jump 200% on the news of a $1.53 million placement. The market was unable to sustain it cap with the share price dropping down in 2021 to be trading around $0.06.


Roots Sustainable Cannabis Stock Logo 

Roots Sustainable – ROO

Developing growing systems for more efficient cannabis cultivation.

Roots currently has a number of readily-available commercial products and is also developing new technologies to improve the process of traditional growing systems.

These systems aim to increase yields, improve plant quality, provide significant cost and energy savings, and help protect against cold and heat stress.

In a recent study, Roots was able to increase cannabis yields by 60% to 283% in dried un-trimmed cannabis bud weight.

2021 Updates

After listing in 2017 with a share price of $0.40, they’ve done nothing but disappoint shareholders since then. Reaching ATLs in 2020, trading at less than $0.01. RGI does not seem to be making any big strides, besides their recent involvement in artificial meat. Current trading in 2021 is seeing them go sideways.


StemCell United Cannabis Stock Logo 

StemCell United – SCU

Bio-technology company developing advanced cannabis extraction methods.

StemCell United (SCU) currently extract Dendrobium Officinale and Daemonorops Draco Blume – both high in demand for medical, health care, and beauty products. It plants to bring similar extract method to cannabis.

The company recently acquired a 51% share in Yunnan Hua Fang Industrial Hemp Limited (HFIF) which has an industrial hemp licence in China. SCU’s CEO stated the acquisition “will facilitate StemCell’s expansion into the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) cannabis beauty products whilst opening doors to China’s vast beauty industry market and distribute cosmetic cannabis product through a significantly expanded network”.

2021 Updates

SCU has been one of the best performing stocks on the ASX in lows in 2020. They’ve also nearly doubled their market cap in the first two months of 2021.


Zelira Therapeutics Cannabis Stock Logo 

Zelira Therapeutics – ZLD

Developing a range of cannabis products for many illnesses.

Zelira Therapeutics (ZLD) is a bio-pharmaceutical company developing a range of cannabis medicines to treat illnesses such as insomnia, autism, cancer, and to reduce opioid use. Trials and clinical studies are currently being conducted with assistance from the University of Western Australia, the Complutense University in Spain, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and more organisations.

ZLD’s products are at various stages in the pipeline, with none ready for use as of March 2019.

ZLD has recently partnered with US-based Ilera Healthcare, providing ZLD with access to over 80,000 registered medicinal cannabis patients, and positioning them for rapid commercialisation of their future clincally-validated products.

2021 Updates

ZLD has been one of the top performing cannabis stocks on the ASX in the past year, jumping more than 400% on the back on many positive announcements. Some of these include the decision to make cannabis toothpaste for the US market and various other announcements.


Why invest in cannabis stocks on the ASX?

In a report published in April 2018, Grand View Research estimated the global legal cannabis market to be worth nearly $150 billion by 2025. They even mention Australia among other countries such as Germany, USA, and Canada as regions expected to become leading markets in terms of sales. More recent studies and projections estimate the Australian cannabis industry to be worth $1.5 billion by 2024 should recreational cannabis be legalised either at a state level or federally, like it has been in the ACT.

It’s already been surveyed that for the first time ever, more Australians want legal cannabis than those that don’t

Australia has both a great political and environmental industry for producing some of the highest quality grade medicinal marijuana. We’ve got the equipment, the experts, the standards, and the know-how. Those companies with licences to export locally grown cannabis and cannabis medicines from the Office of Drug Control are going to benefit greatly in revenues and strategic partnerships. Western Australia is already set to be home to one of the largest cannabis farms in the Southern Hemisphere soon.

On top of the massive overseas demand, there are plenty of Australian consuming cannabis each year – whether it be for medicinal use or recreationally. Statistics show 7 million Australians have used cannabis at least once in their lifetime, with 2 – 3 million consuming cannabis in the past 12 months.

In terms of the current medicinal cannabis market, cannabis medicines are already starting to increase dramatically, on top of the growing number of approvals by the Therapeutic Goods Administration for these medicines, we can expect to see exponential increases in revenues for those playing the field the now, or preparing for it in the future.

If we expand our timeframe to include legal recreational cannabis in Australia, more figures from the Oceania Cannabis Report estimate the industry could be worth $12.3 billion by 2028, with nearly $9 billion of that coming from recreational users once it’s legalised (even if Bill Shorten says he won’t do it).

There’s no doubt about it – recreational cannabis is coming. The positive effects seen in Canada, and the US states which have legalised recreational use is overwhelming. The US industry is currently booming, employing more than 321,000 full-time employees.

Above, you’ll find a list of all the major cannabis companies listed on the ASX. There are plenty of companies looking to leave a lasting legacy in the industry, and there will likely be many more to join them in the near future.

Stay informed with the latest cannabis news in Australia.


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Stay informed with the latest cannabis news in Australia.

Stay informed with the latest cannabis news in Australia.

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