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Stoner sloth anti cannabis ad
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6 Fear-Mongering Anti-Cannabis Ads

One of the ways governments were able to create a vast anti-cannabis mindset, was by airing ads on TV showing the true dangers of cannabis. Here are 6 of our favourites. Keep Reading

CBD oil product for Australian patients
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Is CBD Oil Legal In Australia in 2020?

Times, they are changing. But just how fast are they changing when we consider cannabis and Cannabidiol (CBD)? And as we enter the 2020s, what’s the legal status of purchasing, using, and/or supplying CBD oil in Australia? Keep Reading

Whats the cost of weed in Australia
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Aussie Weed Prices

Cannabis prices fluctuate based on the typical factors which most consumer goods do – quality, supply, and demand. However, with recreational weed (currently) illegal in Australia, prices must also factor in a degree of risk. So how much does weed cost in Australia? Keep Reading

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