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Zelira Therapeutics develops cannabis toothpaste for US market


ASX-listed medical cannabis company Zelira Therapeutics (ASX: ZLD) have announced plans to launch a new cannabis toothpaste in the United States later this year. 

The toothpaste is gluten-free, vegan, and halal, and was developed by Sprinjene’s CEO Dr Sayed Abrahim. Sprinjene has partnered with Zelira to product the toothpaste as an over-the-counter product. 

The toothpaste will be Zelira’s first venture into the oral care market. Zelira currently sells several cannabis medications used in the treatment of insomnia and chronic pain.

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Their HOPE line is also approved by the US Federal Drug Administration as a treatment for Autism. Zelira expects to launch HOPE in Australia by the end of 2020 but is waiting on approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration. 

Sprinjene and Zelira expect their toothpaste to appear in stores by October. The brand has not advertised any specific health benefits associated with the product but claims the market for hemp-based toothpaste is profitable. 

Zelira USA’s managing Director Dr Oludare Odumosu was quoted as saying: 

We remain focused on unlocking the benefits of cannabinoid-based applications as we expand our company’s reach into new and lucrative markets.

Zelira has not confirmed whether their toothpaste will taste like cannabis. As of the 9th of September, Zelira’s share price is up 3.51% at 0.059.

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Stay informed with the latest cannabis news in Australia.

Stay informed with the latest cannabis news in Australia.

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