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Warsaw Zoo tests CBD oil on grieving elephants


A Polish zoo has announced plans to administer CBD oil to their elephants, as part of a study into CBD’s impact on anxiety in animals. 

Warsaw Zoo is beginning an exciting new study, as they prepare to administer daily doses of CBD oil to their elephants – Fredzia and Buba. While the zoo originally had a larger elephant population, their oldest female elephant died earlier this year at 35-years old. Erna was the matriarch of the parade, leaving Fredzia and Buba in a constant state of leaderless anxiety. 

As this grief can last years before a new hierarchy is formed, Warsaw Zoo will begin treating the animals with DobreKonopie.pl CBD oil, which is diluted with coconut or hemp seed oil. The results will be used in an international study into CBD oil and anxiety in animals

Elephants at the Warsaw Zoo

While CBD oil is often shrouded in stigma, CBD derived products do not contain any psychoactive components. Warsaw Zoo expects Fredzia and Buba’s behaviour to change, but do not believe the oil will make them “high”. The animals will have the CBD administered through their food. 

Earlier this week, zookeeper and head of the Warsaw Zoo’s Rehabilitation Department Agnieszka Czujkowska spoke to Gazeta Wyborcza, explaining that elephants are prone to stress but easy to monitor – making them excellent study subjects. 

We can check their current state of health by examining their blood. If the results are good, we hope to invite further animals for an adventure with hemp.

Previously, DobreKonopie.pl’s CBD oil has been tested on horses, with veterinary technician Malgorzata Fabiańska claiming it reduces pain, swelling and anxiety. 

If Fredzia and Buba respond positively to CBD oil, Warsaw Zoo will begin testing it on their rhinoceroses and bear populations next. They hope the oil will ease the anxiety of zoo animals in times of grief and stress. 

Although the audio of the video is in Polish, clips of Fredzia and Buba can be seen below. 

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Stay informed with the latest cannabis news in Australia.

Stay informed with the latest cannabis news in Australia.

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