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Canadian family harvests largest cannabis crop in history


A Canadian family is about to undertake an enormous harvest, as the largest cannabis crop harvest in history is about to kick off in just three weeks. 

The SpeakEasy cannabis farm is located in the town of Rock Creek, a town with just under 200 inhabitants. The farm is maintained by the Geen family, who have farmed in the local Okanagan area for over four generations. 

This year, the Geen family will make history as they harvest a crop of 60,000 cannabis plants on their 60-acre property. The cannabis plants are expected to generate 70,000 pounds of premium cannabis flower. Once manufacturing is completed, this harvest will result in over 150,000 pounds of cannabis products – including medical cannabis. 

Cannabis growing in SpeakEasys outdoor facility
Cannabis growing in SpeakEasys outdoor facility

The plants are currently covering 2.6 million square feet of the property and went in the ground in July. They are maintained by 82 staff members from the Okanagan area. SpeakEasy’s CEO Marc Geen mentioned that an additional dozen people will be hired to help with the harvest. 

Based on all the information we’ve received, this is the single largest harvest to date, but that record probably won’t last for long.

The Geen family also own Jealous Fruits and have likened farming cannabis to farming cherries. Geen warned that the harvest will come with a time limit. While the cannabis plants are reaching full maturity, their outdoor shelf life decreases quickly. The Okanagan area is prone to rain, frost and colder nights.

While Geen believes the cold nights promote resin production in cannabis, it also leaves the enormous cannabis crop vulnerable to frost. 

Next year, Geen expects SpeakEasy’s harvest to even larger as their new growing facility will be ready to produce its first crop. SpeakEasy are currently in the process of building the world’s largest single indoor cannabis facility in Rock Creek. Once completed, the facility will span 1.4 million square feet. SpeakEasy will then transition to smaller seasonal harvests. 

Rock Creek is located just two hours from Kelowna, British Columbia. Canada currently exports over 5,572 litres of CBD oil and 3.7 tonnes of dried cannabis annually.

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Stay informed with the latest cannabis news in Australia.

Stay informed with the latest cannabis news in Australia.

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