Cronos Australia

Cronos Australia

PO Box 24286 Melbourne VIC

Cronos Australia provides quality medicinal products to international and Australian patients. They look to lead the Asia Pacific region with a portfolio of cannabinoid products that includes THC and CBD. They were established as a joint venture between a global cannabinoid company, Cronos Group Inc and NewSouthern Capital, a private equity firm based in Melbourne.

Cronos Australia’s business model focuses on the development of innovative products and brands, with outsourced manufacturing and distribution for Australia and targeted markets overseas. They have secured all necessary operation licenses from the relevant Australian authorities, including import and export licenses.

Cronos Australia can be contacted for further information by mail at PO Box 24286, Melbourne VIC 3001 Australia, or by phone at 1300 799 491. They can also be emailed at [email protected] for general inquiries, [email protected] for physicians looking to find out more about prescribing medicinal cannabis, or [email protected] for those looking to join the team.

Industry: Medical Cannabis

About (30 words): Cronos Australia (ASX:CAU) currently has both import and export licenses for medical cannabis, with their business model focusing on the development of innovative product and brand development.

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