Australian Cannabis University

Australian Cannabis University


The Australian Cannabis University (ACU) is a non-profit, private educational organisation that started in 2017, which currently has more than 6,700 members. Members pay $1 to join the institution, where they have access to an online community centred around cannabis advocacy and education. 

The ACU is run by the Dean of Green – Dolph Cooke. Cooke also runs the Biochar Project

Workshops are run on their low-THC cannabis farm in Northern NSW. They also travel around Australia to various festivals and expos, advocating for the decriminalisation of cannabis. 

The ACU was featured a 2019 episode of SBS Viceland’s ‘The Feed’. The organisation is currently working to eradicate the stigma around cannabis and sell a small range of cannabis products. The ACU will be opening a small store in December 2020. 

If you’d like to see the Dean of Green’s work for yourself, check out this video below:

Industry: Education

Sub Industry: Cannabis Training

About (30 words): The Australian Cannabis University (ACU) is a non-profit educational organisation that started in 2017, providing a range of education in the cannabis industry.

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