PO Box 1746 Wangara WA

AusCann is a pharmaceutical company based in Australia – they specialize in the development, production and distribution of cannabinoid-based medicine within Australia and internationally.

They offer a rigorous pharmaceutical development program that is focused on generating reliable, stable and standardised cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical products with the clinical evidence to support market access.

Their team of experts and well-connected partners has the right expertise in all aspects of the pharmaceutical value chain. Their cannabinoid-based medicines are developed according to pharmaceutical industry product development best practices, with testing done in compliance with validated international quality control standards. They also prioritise the generation of clinical evidence to support the use of cannabinoid-based medicines as they understand the importance of informed physicians in prescribing products to patients.

AusCann also provides education to Australian medical practitioners. They believe in establishing strong relationships with Australian healthcare professionals as it will foster trust and confidence in cannabinoid-based medicines. They work to provide healthcare professionals with solutions to optimise treatment outcomes for their patients.

AusCann works to improve health outcomes and quality of life for patients all over the world. Their products are standardised and dose-controlled, which makes it easier for healthcare professionals to prescribe a reliable and stable cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical product. Their products simplify the process of monitoring treatment results and allow for the adjustment of treatment algorithms with their portfolio of products and formulations.

For more information, contact AusCann by email at [email protected] or give them a call at (08) 6305 0705. They can also be mailed at their postal address PO Box 1746, Wangara WA 6947 Australia.

Industry: Medical Cannabis

Sub Industry: Cannabis Processor,CBD Oil,ASX-Listed

About (30 words): AusCann (ASX:AC8) operates in the medicinal cannabis industry throughout the development, production, and distribution of cannabinoid-based medicines.

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