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Take the quiz! How much do you know about cannabis in Australia?


Cannabis is more prevalent than ever in Australia, so why not test your knowledge and take the quiz to find out just how much you know about it! You may even surprise yourself a little.


#1. How much does it cost per year to police cannabis in Australia?

Researchers from Curtin University’s National Drug Research Institute (NDRI) estimated that keeping cannabis in prohibition is costing Australia $1.1 billion annually in drug policing, prosecution, and imprisonment expenses.

#2. Which city consumes the most cannabis in Australia?

Since 2016, the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) has been analysing wastewater treatment facilities around the country for a number of illicit substances including cannabis.

The most recent report released in February 2021 analysed samples taken in August and October 2020. They revealed that Hobart consumes the most amount of cannabis compared to any other Australian city – followed by Darwin and then Canberra.

#3. In which state can you take medical cannabis and still drive?

It’s currently illegal to take any cannabis medications and drive in the following hours in all states. Current road side testing only detects for traces of the drug, not for actual impairment. And as some chemical compounds in cannabis, such as THC, can stay in your system for many hours after you’ve consumed it, your test results may come back positive even if you’re not impaired.

The only state which may change the legislation in the near future is Victoria. Led by Fiona Patten of The Reason Party, she aims to change the drug driving laws for medical cannabis patients.

On another note, the University of Sydney conducted a ground-breaking study last year which found that “medications containing CBD have no impact on driving ability, while medications with THC only impair a person for several hours“.

#4. Which parties support legalising recreational cannabis?

Select all that apply:

The Labor and Liberal parties may be the only two political parties in Australia which currently do not support legalising cannabis and have no plans of altering the laws.

#5. How many grams cannabis do Australians consume every minute?

Cannabis consumption sky-rocketed in Australia last year, increasing by 25% in just 5 months – likely due to the pandemic, lockdowns, and many people having nothing to do.

Based on figures from the ACIC, we calculated that Australians consumed 3.4 tonnes of cannabis every day. Which equates to around 2.3 kilograms every minute.

#6. Which state was the last to outlaw cannabis?

Cannabis prohibition first started in the ACT, with it being declared illegal in 1926. Victoria quickly followed banning the plant in 1927.

The rest of the states also went on to ban cannabis, with Tasmania being the last to outlaw it in 1959. More than 30 years since it first entered prohibition in the country.

#7. How many Australian deaths have occurred due to a cannabis overdose in the past 100 years?

Yep – not a single person has died from overdosing in cannabis in Australia over the past century. A different story is told when we look at the same numbers for alcohol, tobacco, and prescription opioids.

#8. Which group benefits the most from keeping cannabis illegal in Australia?

Select all that apply:

Criminal organisations have, and still are, running rampant across Australia thanks to the cannabis black market. One country in particular, Vietnam, has steadily grown its criminal organisations to become some of the largest suppliers of Australian black market cannabis – showing no regard to Australia, its economy, or its laws.

Similarly, cannabis has been used as a medicine for thousands of years before it was made illegal. Multi-national pharmaceutical companies will likely also take a major hit to their bottom line if it was made legal again.

#9. The ACT has had legal cannabis for more than a year now, how many more people went to the hospital for cannabis-related issues than before it was legal?

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt wrote a letter to Chief Minister Andrew Barr before the laws changed saying “I have serious concerns the ACT’s legislation will result in further health harms and exacerbate mental health issues.”

Turns out he had no idea what he was talking about as it was discovered that cannabis-related hospitalisations in the ACT went from 31 in 2019 to 32 in 2020.

#10. How many medical cannabis users in Australia access the medicine legally?

Despite medical cannabis being legal across Australia, only 2.7% of users access the drug legally through the TGA’s Special Access Scheme.

This is likely due to the high prices of medical cannabis and the red-tape associated with being granted a prescription.

#11. How much tax revenue could Australia make if cannabis was legalised?

Former Greens leader Richard Di Natale prepared a report for the Australian government which showed that Australia could rake in up to $2 billion a year is cannabis was federally legalised.

As we now know, it did little to sway the opinions of the people in power.

#12. Which state will soon have the largest cannabis farm in the Southern Hemisphere?

Being built by Elite Cannabinoids, Western Australia will soon host one of the largest (legal) cannabis farms in the Southern Hemisphere.

It will be located in the Gascoyne region of WA, with the new cannabis facility located around 800 kilometres north of Perth. It’s expected to employ 40-full time staff and will farm cannabis over 46 hectares.

#13. What is the Australian government keeping cannabis illegal?

Bit of a fun question! But from us at Pondering Pot, we truly can’t see any good reason to keep cannabis illegal.

Cannabis is not a danger to society unlike others such as alcohol or tobacco. A government funded task force in 1994 even reported that cannabis prohibition causes “significant social harm”.

Prohibition is not working – despite the billions of dollars that has gone into fighting the plant. Australians consumed more cannabis than ever in 2020 and it’s likely the numbers are only going to rise.

In areas where cannabis has been legalised, it has not resulted in an increase in use among teenagers.

Australian police forces around the country seized more than $203 million worth of cannabis in 2020. What effect did that have on consumption? Nothing. They’re completely failing at controlling the criminal organisations as well, with international Vietnamese gangs siphoning billions of Australian dollars out of the country every year thanks to the cannabis black market.

Do you still think cannabis should be illegal? We’d love to hear why – let us know in the comments below.

#14. When will the next Australian state legalise cannabis?

Select all that apply:

Unfortunately, it’s quite unlikely any state will legalise cannabis in 2021. Only time will tell when the next state will legalise.

Want your guess to count towards something? We’re giving away $4,200 to the person who guesses the closest date!

All you have to do is write a comment with your guess on this page and sign up to our weekly cannabis newsletter.

Good luck!


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Stay informed with the latest cannabis news in Australia.

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